deM atlaS

Rhymesayers artist deM atlaS checks in. November 2017

Destiny Roberts

This Minnesota artist wants you to expand your horizon. "Ive been rapping since 10 years old" April 2017

Twin City Tone

"No More Savage", Lil Wayne/Ross/Jeezy, Minnesota shows, GO 95, Soundset + more. Twin City Tone discusses the best way to throw a show & his own music on Starin' at the City April 2017


These 3 created Pacify - a clothing brand / movement in Minneapolis MN changing the approach to activism through clothing. We had the chance to see a part of their process. Join us to see just what Pacify has to offer. Mar 2017

Juice Lord

Juice Lord is a rapper from St. Paul Minnesota. He says his city deserves more love and he certainly is out here grinding to make that happen. We had a chance to catch up with "Young Juice" himself and ask a few questions. Feb 2017

John Shrimpnose

Riley Smithson better known as John Shrimpnose is a producer from Minneapolis MN. Check out what he has to say about his craft and the local scene. Feb 2017


Ava is the lead singer of the band Ayvah.